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 GroupHug Subscription

What your employees REALLY need

Supporting healthy lifestyles and life events through a holistic well-being platform

GroupHug is the leading Wellbeing platform in Israel

Through it, employees receive a wide support package based on leading experts in many areas of life: personal development, work-home balance, family and parenting, relationships, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, effectiveness, time management, mental support and much more.

Especially now, when great efforts are made to reduce expenses, the right solution is one that effectively take care of employees' actual challen
ges, in order to increase engagement and productivity, while focusing on the growth of the company.

We are saving employers a lot of money by helping them invest in employee well-being

GroupHug subscription gives employees personal and exclusive access to a variety of services

Group sessions

Tailored interactive sessions with top professionals,
providing a unique approach to knowledge and personal charasteristics

Effective one-to-one sessions

These short, dynamic consultations are designed to provide an accurate advice, tailored to an employee’s specific needs

Carefully picked content

Whether in video formats, podcasts or articles, we curate it to enable accessible knowledge in a world of “too much information”

First Aid on challenging events

We match employees with the right experts and content to help them cope with crisis and vital needs


increase in productivity


Minutes of sessions


improvement in employees well-being

4.97 / 5

Average employee rating

We’re redefining Well-being at

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Elevating Employee Wellbeing: A Holistic Approach


In today's dynamic corporate landscape, prioritizing employee wellbeing is a non-negotiable commitment. A holistic approach goes beyond standard wellness programs, catering to each individual's unique needs and challenges, with a profound emphasis on personal growth, a healthy lifestyle, and mental health.

Understanding the Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach recognizes the multifaceted nature of individual needs, fostering an environment where every team member can genuinely thrive. This is a win-win for employees and the organization.

The Role of Our Consultants and Experts

Consultants and experts are integral in implementing our holistic wellbeing strategy. They tailor solutions, conduct assessments, and design programs, reducing stress and burnout. This creates a nurturing work environment, benefiting the employer by reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.


Mental Health

Mental health support reduces absenteeism, increases productivity, and improves employee morale. It empowers employees to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

Content in a Wide Range of Topics

Diverse content empowers personal growth and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. It encourages self-improvement and self-care, fostering overall wellbeing.

Personal Growth and Development

Nurturing personal growth enhances job satisfaction and enriches the organization. A more adaptable workforce drives innovation and success.


Healthy Lifestyle

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, encompassing physical and mental health, directly impacts productivity and morale while reducing costs.


In conclusion, our comprehensive approach, involving experts, diverse content, personal development, a healthy lifestyle, and mental health support, fosters inclusivity and personalization, leading to increased satisfaction, reduced turnover, and improved productivity for both employees and employers. This approach propels organizations toward a prosperous and sustainable future.



Every topic, issue or challenge gets the right qualified advice

For all employees

For employees who needs to find an accurate and personalized answer to their needs

For employees who want to develop, both personally and in their career, to receive appropriate and high-quality tools

For employees facing burnout

For employees who face life challenges that make it difficult for them to concentrate on work

For those who just need someone to talk to


Employees are choosing the right format for them

One stop shop for every need and challenge

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Our team of professionals are cherry-picked and carefully vetted - to meet every need and encounter any challenge

Tailored for the

Enabling fast and accurate response and answering the right questions – we create value for employees in a dynamic and changing enviornment

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